Membership helps us to:

  • Administrate the European 1-Wall Tour in countries and online
  • Advertise & promote the Tour and its players, officials and fans
  • Support our events with equipment and resources
  • Support outreach projects in different countries
  • Support those players who struggle to afford to play Wallball otherwise
  • It does not pay any salaries or prize money

What do you get?

Wallball is one big family. We all support each other for the love of the game. We want to see Wallball grow and flourish in Europe and we know how important big Tournaments and events are for each country to promote themselves. By supporting the tour you are supporting this growth and helping more and more people play wallball, have fun, get active and enjoy themselves. Thank you.

As well as a warm feeling inside you’ll also get:

  • Discounts to play on the tour
  • Official tour shirt
  • Official newsletter

Annual Membership – €20

Lifetime Membership – €200